For over 20 years Genesys Solutions has been delivering great software and solutions with exceptional service. All of it backed by 7/24/365 technical support.

End-to-end Solutions

We are a one-stop shop for software solutions, from conception to implementation

Cloud Based Architecture

High-availability architecture combined with end-to-end security

Well-engineered design

Due to our experience, we can deliver quality software, from Embedded systems to Cloud solutions

24/7/365 Support

You can rest easy knowing we are always here for you


These products are designed, developed and supported by our company, since 1995. They are actively being used at several Fortune 500 companies. Genesys Solutions has experience in developing solutions for the Cable, Telecom, Banking, Medical and Retail Industries.

Protocol Analyzer

Effortlessly convert your RS232 (ASYNC & BISYNC) applications to use TCP/IP

Complete Financial Suite

Software that keeps your business humming

Enterprise grade Data Comm Software

To ensure canary release of new features and updates

SNA-TCIPIP converter

Integrate systems that are connected via SNA to transparently use TCP/IP with no changes to application code

Product Intelligence

with Cloud Based Analytics

Data Mining

Using AI & Machine Learning

AI Toolset

To test complex applications


Our smart, experienced and competent team is ready to step in and add value to your organization.

Management Advisory Services

We can Analyze, Validate, Suggest Alternatives to your IT strategy

Whether you need a competent partner to develop your IT strategy or get a second opinion on certain aspects of your approach, We can provide our unbiased input.

Co-source your team

Engineers that deliver

Smart engineers that can design solutions from emdedded systems to complex enterprise-grade cloud-based solutions, we deliver results

End-to-End Solutions

Focus on quality

Our incessant focus on quality ensures that you always receive reliable solutions every time.

Our clients provide the best-in-class products and services and demand the same from their partners. We are proud to be a working with these fine clients.

Our off-the-shelf products are time-tested and client-approved!


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